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We love to dress nature in a sustainable way, we are in perfect alignment with the principles of the circular economy, safeguard the environment, protect the eco-system, our raw material cultivation does not pollute surface and groundwater.


A story begun in 1926

It was founded on the initiative of Cosimo Messina in 1926 in Lentini, in an area rich in fruit and vegetables and citrus fruits. Today we are at the third generation, we produce packaging for fruit and vegetables and we market timber for packaging and more. Our customers are located throughout Italy, although our supplies are divided into two types. The first relates to the finished product, so to the well-known packagings and semi-finished boxes. The first type is sold in an area of ​​150 kilometers because the fact of carrying empty to full does not allow us to go further; the second one is marketed throughout Italy. In three hours it is able to receive an order and make a delivery within a radius of 150 kilometers. Deserving of state-of-the-art machinery and a park of trucks of its own. Despite the difficulties associated with working in the Mezzogiorno, the company employs 20 people and has clients in Puglia, Campania and Lazio.



Our goods are distributed throughout Europe, we use our vehicles and we cooperate with the most important international road, railway and naval companies.

Fabbrica Imballaggi s.a.s
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Address and Numbers
Via Brescia 11, 96016 Lentini SR
Tel:  +39 095 90 12 31
Fax:+39 095 7838342

Ciro Messina
Cosimo Messina

Certifications and Permissions
Iso 9001
Iso 14001