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Natural Ecological Pellets 100%
 Fir and Beech



Pellets are a valid alternative to traditional energy sources for heating. First it does not pollute it as a biocompatible product, its Co2 emissions are null, in fact equal to the carbon dioxide that a plant absorbs to produce the same amount of pellet.
It is a totally natural product, obtained from a few simple mechanical processes through which finely worked wood sawdust is passed through a chain and then transformed into small cylinders of various high-density measures. This process produces a high heat which favors the ligand-binding effect (natural substance present in the wood) which guarantees the preservation of the shape of the pellets obtained and therefore the possibility of using them as a fuel for stoves, fireplaces and boilers. Finally it is very easy to use and produces few ash residues and last but not least has a very competitive selling price.
We are proud of the quality and variety of products we offer for this reason we have qualitatively best pellets at best market prices
Pellets for domestic use, pellets for industrial use, pellets for stoves, pellets for boilers: the wide range of products available is able to satisfy all the needs of the users.
In addition to meeting customer requirements, we do something concrete to propose an alternative to fossil fuels and to safeguard the environment.
We know that these are the aspects that are of interest to our customers and therefore we focus on all our work, know-how and experience to offer the best pellet sales with first-class service for reliability and speed in deliveries.
In order to provide efficient, reliable and fast service to our customers, we have structured our company with storage warehouses. This allows us to have a capillary and structured logistics and able to deliver deliveries quickly

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